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Angel Card Reading

Looking for guidance & clarity?

An Angel Card reading can give you just that and help you through any challenges and obstacles you may face, whether it is a relationship issue, work and career matters or just a general outlook you need.

I will read for you with compassion and empathy, helping you to overcome obstacles and challenges which may be holding you back.

Readings are in person or via video link

30 minute reading £20

In-Depth reading £3

See what 2020 has in store with a New Years Spread

Angel Card Reading

Just £25 in December!

What our customers are saying

I met Tracy at an event I was hosting and ever since she has always been there to offer Angel Card Readings at each event. I was and am amazed at the information that comes to light at each of my readings.

Tracy is amazing, very professional and also fantastic at what she does. She is always fully booked at each of my events as the ladies love having Tracy read their cards too.

Events organizer -Bedford

Soul Plan Reading

Not sure of your life purpose?

Soul Plan is an ancient form of numerology based on the vibration of your birth name. It uncovers your challenges, natural gifts and your soul’s purpose, helping you to understand yourself and why you are here, so you can move forward and live your life to your fullest potential.

From the name as it appears on your birth certificate I will plot your soul plan chart for you before the one to one session.

You will receive a full detailed report to keep.

Readings are in person or via video link

Soul Plan Reading £80

 Please note: You only need to have this reading once.

What our customers are saying

I have had a Soul Plan done by Tracy, Fully Recommend If you want to know anything about your purpose in life, About yourself and what you're capable of

Tracy Byrne - Bedford