Meditation Sessions

One to one Meditation Sessions 

Free your mind!

Learn how to feel more inner calm and peace. 

Impr​ove focus and concentration and be more able to deal with everyday life.

In these sessions I will help you to focus your breathing and take you to a relaxed space where you will then be guided on an inner journey with a beautiful meditation.

The sessions are:

 One to one: Via Skype 

Group Sessions: At workplace / home

Cost: £10 per person

I also run a monthly meditation group @ The Retreat, Harrold.

For further information and to book your session please get in touch.

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How Meditation Sessions have helped

  •  I found the session really helped me to unwind and relax. It also helped to release some stress and tension. After the session I felt refreshed, ready for the rest of the day at work. 
  • It was lovely, thoroughly enjoyed it and, more importantly, it did help me relax which is not easy at the moment! 
  • We would benefit from this every few months – it helps when it gets a bit chaotic at work