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Free Your mind!

Meditation is becoming more and more recognized for the benefits it has.

Regular practice has been proven to lower stress levels, improve focus and concentration and to promote inner calm and peace.

In these sessions I will help you to focus your breathing and take you to a relaxed space where you will then be guided on an inner journey with a beautiful meditation.

The sessions are:

One to one: Via Skype

Group Sessions: At workplace / home /organisation

Cost: £10 per person

Concessions are available for larger groups

New Meditation Group starting Friday 18th October! 

 @ The Retreat, Harrold.

5.45 till 7.15 pm

This group is for both beginners and those who have had some experience in meditation.

For further information and to book your session please get in touch


How Meditation Sessions have helped

"I found the session really helped me to unwind and relax. It also helped to release some stress and tension."

 "After the session I felt refreshed, ready for the rest of the day at work."

"It was lovely, thoroughly enjoyed it and, more importantly, it did help me relax which is not easy at the moment!"

"We would benefit from this every few months – it helps when it gets a bit chaotic at work"

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