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.Life is all about balance and when we are out of balance within ourselves be it through pain, stress, trauma etc it is difficult to function and cope with the demands of everyday life, once we are back in balance life flows easier and we flow easier with life!

My aim as a therapist is to help you to relax, balance and release through the treatments I offer bringing you a sense of inner wellbeing on all levels, promoting self healing.

For the past 20 years I have dedicated my work to helping others......

Whilst going through a major life change I started on my holistic path, I  realized I had a natural love for healing and teaching others.

I am also a compassionate and empathic Angel Card Reader and Qualifed Soul Plan Practitioner bringing you clarity and guidance on your life's journey, offering one to one sessions in person or via video link.

 Once qualified as a Tutor  I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to teach VTCT Crystal Therapy Diploma courses at  mainstream college, I then went on to teaching  Crystal Diploma courses in the private sector and now teach various accredited courses in Holistic Therapies, as well as running bespoke workshops including Introduction to Crystals and Numerology and Meditation sessions.

For treatments I run a mobile service and am based at The Retreat, Harrold, Bedfordshire, one Saturday a month.

My Practice

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 "I believe we all have the power to release ourselves from the things that are holding us back, leading us to a fulfilled and enriched life"

Tracy Joanne x